Protected Areas, Natural Solution
against Climate Change (NASCC)

The protected areas of the Amazon are key in helping communities and nature in the adaptation to climate change. They build resilience and help mitigate the impacts of the events of a changing climate, and ensure the provision of ecosystem services and protect biodiversity. The protected areas should be included in climate change strategies and development plans in the Amazon countries in order to facilitate the development of resilience and promote a better environment and a better climate.

The Latin American Network for the REDPARQUES Protected Areas System and the WWF Living Amazon Initiative are leading a regional effort to strengthen the systems of the Amazon protected areas and include their role as strategies to adapt to climate change through the project called “Protected Areas, Natural Solutions against Climate Change” (NASCC), funded by the Ministry of Environment of Germany, BMUB, as part of the implementation of the Vision for the Conservation of the Amazon. The Amazon plays an important role in managing the impacts of climate change.


In 2016, the protected areas systems are an integral part of the strategies for addressing climate change in the Amazon biome. They are recognized and included in the development plans at the national and sub-national level, as well as at international events through the provision of ecosystem services and their contribution to a better way for local communities to adapt to climate change.


By 2016, the vulnerability assessment of climate change on the protected areas of the biome and its role in providing ecosystem services will be available.

By the end of 2016, the climate change strategies and planning tools will be developed by local actors and applied by local communities to reduce the vulnerability of the ecosystem and communities in the Royal Eastern Mountain Range, (Cordillera Real Oriental, CRO).

By 2016, the Vision for the Conservation of the Amazon will be recognized as an international framework that includes the NPAs (National Protected Areas) as an effective tool for climate change adaptation.


Vulnerability Analysis

(Work in progress)


6 September, 2015

Policy Brief: Protegiendo el Amazonas se puede proteger el cambio climático

6 September, 2015

Áreas protegidas y Territorios Indigenas


The Amazon biome is the intervention area of the project and account for the achievement of the result 2 with three priority landscapes in the Cordillera Real Oriental (CRO)

Level Oriental Cordillera Real (CRO)

Colombia: Alto Fragua NNP

Ecuador: Sangay Corridor Llanganates

Peru: National Shrine Tabaconas Namballe


Julia Gorricho
Project Director


Luz Zuñiga
Communications Officer