Protected areas link Amazon countries

Boletín de Parques Nacionales de Argentina Nro. 119
24 November, 2016
Acta de reunion del Consejo directivo REDPARQUES 2016 Guatemala
4 December, 2016

Protected areas link Amazon countries

The bet that seeks to integrate and position Amazon protected areas will be presented at the COP13 of Biodiversity.

The Amazonian rivers, savannas and jungles spread into a single biome, where jaguars, river dolphins and macaws move without limits. However, if you look at a map, the same jungle appears fragmented by the borders of Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyanas, Suriname, Peru and Venezuela.

This forest is responsible for providing water, protection, food, raw material and in general, thousands of resources and services to more than 30 million people. In addition, its more than 500 protected areas are one of the keys to tackling the problem of climate change.

Although the Amazon must remain as a single biome to continue to bring this great amount of benefits to people, climate and biodiversity, several threats are putting their integrity at risk.
That is why REDPARQUES seeks to integrate the protected areas of this region through a network that allows the entire biome to be connected. The initiative, called Amazon Vision, is being carried out since 2008 and seeks to define landscapes that cross borders between countries and include several protected areas. It also aims to develop financial sustainability strategies to ensure the resources that sustain these territories, integrate local communities and Indigenous Peoples in their management, and invite productive sectors to know the potential they offer and join the purpose of managing the Amazon forest in a sustainable way.

Since 2013, with the support of organizations such as FAO, WWF, IUCN, and UNEP, several activities have been carried out to implement the Amazon Vision. Thanks to this, results have been achieved and are drawing attention in international scenarios, such as the Declaration on Protected Areas and Climate Change, through which the joint work of several countries around the initiative has been achieved.

During the COP13 of biodiversity to be held in Cancún, Mexico, two parallel events will soon show some of those results and the goals that still have to be achieved.

The first, will take place on December 5 and is titled “Amazon Protected Areas, Natural Solutions to Climate Change”. The event will show the progress of the Declaration made by the Redparques, and will launch the Observatory “Protected Areas and Climate in the Amazon.”

The second, to be held on December 6, will report on progress in the implementation of the Amazon Vision and propose the articulation of new actors for future activities.

* The Amazon Vision is currently being implemented with resources from the European Union and the German Bank.

Press contact

Adriana Silva Espinosa

Communication coordinator – IAPA – Amazon Vision Project.