In the late nineties a Regional Program for the Planning and Management of Protected Areas of the Amazon Region was created. In 2008, based on the achievements made by the sub-network of amazon protected areas and ACTO, and as part of the regional efforts to implement the CBD (Convention on Biological Diversity) Programme of Work on Protected Areas, REDPARQUES led the development of a “vision for the conservation of the physical and cultural diversity of the Amazon biome, based on the ecosystems.”

This approach was arranged in collaboration with the CBD Secretariat, WWF and IUCN, with the participation of the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization (ACTO) and the Community of Andean Nations (CAN). The purpose of this joint vision on regional conservation is to contribute to the effective administration and management of the protected areas and the maintenance of goods and services, and to the integrity, functionality and resilience of the Amazon biome against the natural and anthropogenic pressures in the context of climate change, benefitting the economies, communities and biodiversity at all levels, from local to global.

This vision is developed around the following 4 key components of the Programme of Work on Protected Areas:
(1) conservation opportunities;
(2) the integration of the vision of indigenous and local communities;
(3) the efficient management of the protected areas; and
(4) strategies for sustainable financing for the protected areas.

An Action Plan (2010-2020) was produced to guide its application and was politically supported by the Environment Ministers of the Amazon countries and ACTO at the CBD COP 10 (tenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties) in Nagoya, where the Regional Report and Action Plan were presented. Few months after the CBD COP 10, the Action Plan was updated by the authorities of the protected areas of the Amazon countries to guarantee better alignment with the PoWPA (Programme of Work on Protected Areas) – the related decisions adopted in Ngoya - and to promote the implementation of the Aichi Targets in the region. The Colombian Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development presented the progress made in their implementation during the official ceremony held by ACTO at the latest CBD COP 11 in Hyderabad.


IAPA Project: Integration of Amazon Protected Areas

Protected Areas, Natural Solution against Climate Change (NASCC)

Integration of Amazon Biome Protected Areas (IAPA) - Amazon Vision, is a project financed by the European Union, which seeks to create a network around the protected areas systems located in the Amazon region.

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Theprotected areas of the Amazon are key in helping communities and nature in the adaptation to climate change...



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